Best Defensive Techniques To Follow In Boom Beach Game

Any game of war has both offensive and defensive strategies to follow for the desired result which is to win the battle. With this is mind you have to plan your offensive and defensive strategies so that you make the most kills to earn the most points, save your resources from being taken away when you are under attack and much more. Of course, resource can be effectively and easily managed when you use the guide to generate boom beach free diamonds according to your wish. But you should also know the best defensive strategies for optimizing the gains in the game which has lots of other beneficial features.

This is a very effective defensive strategy in playing the Boom Beach Game and it helps a lot in preventing attacks from the enemy, at least for some time. The reasons of it are varied though. You can manage your match making score which may be too high at the present when you stop playing in the vicious cycle. The strategy of attacking for loots may also have bounced back on you as you have been losing your loot due to such frequent attacks. When you curtail the mercenary bases out from the picture and attack less for a while chances are that you would also be attacked less.

You should cycle through the bases of the Boom beach game by using the ‘Find New opponent’ feature and do it as much as you can for the following reasons. This way you can keep the bases that have good amount of loot in them to upgrade them in a major scale in the later period. When you have quite a number of keepers which affects your MM score and makes it hard to lower it down, you would find this to be very helpful in the end. Waiting for the right time for the big upgrade and when you take it easy on the beach you would find considerable amount of time when you would not require upgrading a player base.

When you keep your store empty then the opponent would think that you are not worth attacking and it has some other benefits as well in Boom Beach game. This way you can save NPC bases and your players as well until the time you require them. You can also make you look scary to others so that they do not attack you. The loot boats which are also unprotected by the vaults are best left unattended and untouched so that no gets tempted to make an invasion.

If you are concerned about your loot then you should give some time to yourself as well as the Boom Beach game on the whole. You should think it this way that for some days you would not do any upgrading job. When you would not be attacked you can not only save the resources that are remaining with you but can also increase it with collecting the chests and other collectibles that come up popping in the game from time to time.…

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