SimCity Buildit is a game that has been launched across a wide range of platforms like IOS and Android with online gaming facility i.e. you can play the game using Facebook online and offline through android and IOS but the game should be constantly or can be played only using the data connection which technically makes the game an online game but the only difference is on Facebook everything is online and mobile only the in-app purchases and saving the game. You have to build a city which is worth of some great resources or if you are not having enough patience you can buy them using the cash or on other words your hard-earned money. The city can be built on a large scale and the user is the major of the city and he/she will have to take care of the city very well without much difficulty and participate with various people across the globe. The sole purpose of the game is to build a great town with extraordinary mayor ship. There are many methods that you could opt for to collect your required things to build the city in the game. You can use in the game currency called simoleons, simcash and golden keys for building and constructing the city to a great extent and also these are very crucial in the construction work of the city.

There are two main duties of the user as the appointed “City Mayor” the person has to build the city in terms of everything using the resources the two important types of resources are the housing and industry. The players have to improve the city in both the terms of the development. The person who does it the best is the self-claimed winner because every day there will be tasks and other activities that the player has to full fill, such activity is called as the daily tasks or daily missions and the other type of tasks are called as the future goals or the long time activities that the user have to full fill in order to boost his ranks  both the activities help the player to win the leader board but only difficult task for the user is that they have to spend a quite a good time with the game in order to earn the currency that he can use to spend in the SimCity Buildit game.

Many users said it isn’t that easy to build something on that large scale sometimes you need help and many app developers have designed something called a simcity buildit hack apk which provides you with the almost unlimited of everything that you need to finish the game with no great pressure and no great time to be spent on that. Overall across the globe many users have always been so thankful the company for stating such a wonderful game and around 2.98 million users have conveyed their great happiness towards various reviews and other sources of platforms.

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