Party Anywhere

Great parties come in all sizes. You can now throw events from the smallest of living rooms to the biggest of warehouses.

The tiniest gig booked through Beatsy was actually in a 200 square foot living room.

Pay Safely Online

To ensure that both the Artist and the Fan are happy, we collect the gig payment in advance, hold it in escrow, and release to the artist when the gig is over.

Risk-free cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. Pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Party Hard

We know you like partying, we like it too. That is why we are on a mission to offer you the easiest way to find great DJs to rock at your events.

Our artist selection is curated and verified by professionals.

Memorable Experience

The unique, shared experience of LIVE music is something that your friends will never forget.

Be the cool kid on the block that throws the wildest parties – get the DJ through Beatsy.

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