Party Anywhere

Great parties come in all sizes. You can now throw events from the smallest of living rooms to the biggest of warehouses.

We have worked with #1 clubs, corporate events and even private, fan-hosted gigs.

Pay Safely Online

All booking fees and other payments are done safely online to ensure that both parties get what they pay for.

Risk-free cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. Pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Trusted by DJs

Today we have artists from over 40 countries and on 4 continents.

Our DJs get booked daily, and our team is ready to assist in international bookings. You are in good hands.

We Made Booking a Breeze

Discovering and booking talent has been a tedious, manual process which requires connections.

We thought that it could be way simpler and that is why we built this platform.

Book talented bands and artists for your events from over 50 countries
Discover, book and pay safely online via Beatsy.

Book DJs for your events

Check out some of the artists we've got.

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