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Pist Idiots, an Aussie rock band known for their rousing rock music, was formed in a rather unusual setting – a garage. It was during a trivia night that the members decided to come together and make music. Their journey began with participation in the Battle of the Bands, which eventually led to them playing music once a week. This frequency gradually increased to three times a week, continuing for a year and a half to two years.

In May 2017, they announced their arrival in the music scene with the release of their debut single, ‘Fuck Off.’ This was followed by the launch of their self-titled debut EP. Their early years were marked by tours with renowned bands such as The Gooch Palms and Skegss.

The Pist Idiots did not stop at one but released two more EPs in quick succession. The second EP, titled ‘Princes,’ was released in July 2018, and the third EP, ‘Ticker,’ came out in September of the same year.

The years 2017 and beyond saw the Pist Idiots working on their debut studio album, ‘Idiocracy.’ The album was a collaborative effort, produced by Alex Cameron and Chris Collins, and was released on 10 September 2021. Prior to the album’s release, the band had already set the stage with singles like ‘Motor Runnin,’ ‘Roundhouse,’ and ‘Ticker.’ Post-release, the band embarked on a national tour headlining for ‘Idiocracy.’

The ‘Idiocracy’ album was not only a critical success but also a commercial one. It made it to the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart and was released in both CD and vinyl formats. The debut single ‘Fuck Off,’ the second EP ‘Princes,’ and the third EP ‘Ticker’ are among their notable releases.

The Pist Idiots have been well-received by music critics and listeners alike. Their unique style of rambunctious rock music has been praised and has earned them recognition as a prominent Aussie rock band. Their EPs and singles have been met with positive reception from audiences. They’ve also been featured on Triple J Unearthed, a platform that discovers and promotes new Australian music. Publications like Tone Deaf and MOster Children have written positive reviews about the band.

In conclusion, the Pist Idiots, with their unique brand of rousing rock music and their dedication to their craft, have made a significant mark in the Australian music scene. From their humble beginnings in a garage to their EPs and debut album, their journey has been noteworthy. The Pist Idiots is a band that thrives on raw energy and a passion for music, and it is these qualities that have helped them gain the recognition and success they have today.


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