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Didirri Peters is an alternative artist hailing from Warrnambool, a coastal town in Australia. He began writing songs as a means to challenge himself to be honest, and his music explores themes and questions that many people in their early twenties tend to avoid. Didirri’s candid storytelling and poetic lyricism reflect his desire to face the truth, whether it is beautiful or confronting.

Didirri’s performances are known for their electric energy and his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. His music is marked by a combination of conviction and vulnerability, creating an atmosphere of shared moments that inspire hope in the face of life’s challenges.

Didirri comes from a family of creatives, with his father being a painter and his mother a children’s singer/songwriter. He first ventured on the road at a young age as a circus performer, and later learned to play music on the piano. After completing high school, he began a Bachelor of Music degree, where he picked up the guitar in earnest. Didirri started busking on the streets of Melbourne, finding the guitar to be a more honest medium for his music.

Didirri’s songwriting draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including family, philosophers, comedians, friends, and lovers. He uses words and music with unparalleled openness, revealing himself to his audience in a way that invites them to reflect on their own experiences and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Didirri’s debut EP, Measurements, explores different aspects of his own morality, serving as a personal “measuring tape” to hold up to the world. The EP features subdued piano ballads and impassioned guitar-driven songs, all of which are encased in a boundless kind of beauty. The EP has collected over 30 million streams and has led to Didirri playing at renowned festivals like The Great Escape and Latitude Festival in the UK, Splendour In The Grass in Australia, and Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Didirri has also toured extensively in the US and UK, sharing the stage with well-known acts like Vance Joy, Hozier, Tash Sultana, and The Temper Trap.

Didirri’s reflection on the purpose of his art led to the creation of his new single, “Blue Mood Rising,” which draws inspiration from his experiences in Los Angeles. Didirri continues to create music that is both honest and reflective, inviting his audience to join him in a journey of self-discovery and growth.


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