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by Beatsy

Melbourne-based rapper Babyface Mal is a new major member of 66 Records, and he’s hoping to turn heads by incorporating elements of the drill into his music. The Australian-born, Turkish Egyptian rapper songwriter says that his music is influenced by everything he has seen and heard over the years, and he has been making music since he was a young child.

Babyface Mal began making music when he was a small child, cultivating a track alongside a friend. It sparked something in him that’s still burning today. His track alongside Lil Sknow, Sknoway, caught correct attention, as did Babyface more than them, defined by Australia as one of the country’s hardest MCs. Chamber Music was spread through his mixtape, Time Out, which was a wake-up call to much of Australian hip-hop. Asked about his approach to music, Babyface says, “I’m a watcher, I’m interested in different kinds of music, cultures, and lifestyles.” Raised in Melbourne’s south, the region has had a big impact on its lyricism and usage of music.

Babyface Mal admits that Skepta and 50 Cent are among his major musical influences, and it took him a certain time to create something similar to his previous tracks. His latest studio track, SuperHero, builds on his previous songs and delivers even more energy. If you’re a fan of the recent tunes made by Australian drill musicians, you should listen to this.


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