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by Beatsy
Dan Farber

Israel producer Dan Farber had an exciting and young introduction to the world of music. He began touring the world as a writer and producer for some of Israel’s biggest hip-hop acts before he was even 18 years old. After seeing the world of hip-hop groups, Faber began to focus on his musical career in production. 

Farber released as an enticing introduction to his upcoming project – “Time For Living.” It shows a darker side of dance pop, as is demonstrated both sonically and visually. The single features the poignant voice of Boy Matthews, who gained recognition for co-writing and singing on Duke Dumont’s 2015 hit, “Ocean Drive.” Matthews’ haunting vocals pair seamlessly with the production, creating a build-up of anticipation leading up to the first percussion drop in the chorus. 

“Music is not a challenge,” he says. “I don’t stress myself out on “what’s my new sound;” I just do what I love and what gets me excited, hoping it will connect with other people.”

“Time For Living” is the introduction of a three-part video series directed and produced by Gigi Ben Artzi. The rawness of the song and video demonstrate the honesty from which “Time For Living” was created. “I guess the time is now if there’s a time for living,” he sings and reminding us to be present and grateful for each moment.


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