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Rico Tubbs

by Beatsy
Disco DJ Music

You may see Rico Tubbs performing within the field of commercial dance music. It’s also ranked 1963 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org). He is a professional DJ with years of career behind him.

Rico Tubbs

The musical influence that he brings into his own tracks is a great mix of 80’s disco, hip hop, house, old skool rave, drum & bass, electro house, indie dance, dance hall, and even dubstep. 

“A big mess of bass-driven club music and I always throw in a few classics as well. Occasionally sprinkled with some scratching and other party tricks. To what direction the set takes the crowd plays a big part too – it can be more housey or more ravey etc. I never plan too much beforehand.”

That unplanned and yet perfect mess can seriously brighten up your day or night. Just feel that fat bass. 


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